Ways to Add More Grains to Your Diet


You likely already know how important it is to add whole grains to your diet with all that fiber and protein, but knowing when and where to add it can be a struggle. Here are some different ideas for getting more grains into your diet every day.

Eat Whole Grain Cereal

One of the easiest ways to add more grains to your diet is simply by choosing more whole grain cereals. That way, you know you are getting the grains in with your daily breakfast, and you don’t really need to think too hard about it. Plus, when you are eating a healthier cereal for the grains, you are also probably not eating one with a lot of sugar and other ingredients your body doesn’t need. Whole grain cereals come in oats, bran, and many other varieties. Just make sure to read the label and ensure it has lots of good nutrients for you.

Start Cooking More Often

The reason many people don’t eat many grains is because they are constantly eating out or eating convenience food. It will be easier to add grains and other healthy foods to your diet if you start cooking more. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, maybe start by cooking just one homemade meal each week, then gradually increasing it. With that meal, make it a healthy one with whole grains like quinoa or brown rice, along with a lean protein, and vegetables.

Switch to Whole Grain Bread

Whenever you have any type of bread, you should preferably be eating whole grain bread. This doesn’t taste much different from other types of bread and makes it easy to get more healthy grains into your diet. You can usually find whole grain sandwich bread, whole grain dinner rolls, and whole grain or whole wheat bagels and English muffins. This is also really good for your kids when preparing their sandwiches for school, since it is made with oats, barley, or wheat, instead of refined sugars and flours.

Eat Whole Grain Rice

If you eat rice a lot as a side dish, it won’t be too difficult switching to whole grain rice, such as brown rice. You can start by preparing it the same way as white rice or other types of rice, but you are getting a little more nutrition from it. Try to eat it with a healthy meal, like salmon with brown rice and steamed broccoli.


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