Types of Waterbed Mattress


Types of Waterbed Mattress

Many of the people these days are deprived of a good night’s sleep. They don’t obtain the proper amount of sleep, which is unhealthy for them. Well, there are a number of reasons behind this situation, and one of the most common is that many of these people have gotten an uncomfortable bed mattress.

Mattresses come in a number of types. They are designed and built out of a number of materials, such as air, foam, latex, and today’s most popular – water. Yes, water is by far the most commonly used material for mattresses, the reason that a so-called “waterbed mattress” was introduced to the market and has successful gained appreciation from the public that thousands of people are now considering it.

The waterbed mattress is not a new concept though. It has been around for more than a year. In the first year of its inception it was considered as a trendy idea, but with more and more people recognizing its benefits, waterbed mattresses have gained the credibility of medical support and millions of its satisfied owners. It’s no wonder that today, hundreds of hospitals and households in the United States and the world have been using waterbed mattresses for ultimate comfort.

There are different types of waterbed mattress. Each type differs according to the comfort levels it provides, but generally all are deemed comfortable to use. Here are the most common types:

Free Flow Mattress – This waterbed mattress type is noted specifically for its absence of fill on the interior part of the mattress to dampen or control the flow of the water. As a result, the free flow mattress is very wavy and is not so great when it comes to support. Yes, it doesn’t provide the optimum support, but this doesn’t mean that the free flow type is not the right one for you. There are still some, especially those with un-recycled vinyl that provide a great comfort all night long. So when consider this type, look for the ones with vinyl that is not recycled and is of premium quality.

Hydraulic Mattress – If you want a waterbed mattress that reduces the degree of motion involved, then the hydraulic type can be your best option. In this mattress type, round vinyl coils are usually sealed to the bottom of the mattress to fill the water and make it float just near the surface. As the result, the water us pushed through small ports on the coils when you get into the bed, and that is what allows actually the water to dampen. The main advantage of this waterbed mattress type is that a lighter person will not end up higher than her sleeping partner, and because the vinyl coils are sealed to the bottom part of the mattress, shifting is absolutely eliminated.

Fiber Fill Mattress – This waterbed mattress uses a polyester sheet on the inside of the bag to help reduce the amount of wave and increase the amount of support at the same time. The advantage of this type is the more fiber placed on the mattress, the firmer the bed will be and the less motion will be incurred. However, because of its fiber content, the bed can be difficult to drain. This is reason that people use an electric pump just to drain the fiber mattress effectively.

So that’s it! As you may notice, each of the waterbed mattress type has its own advantage and disadvantage. So when considering a waterbed mattress, it is best to look exactly at what you want and what you expect. Just pick up the one that best suits your needs.


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